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33 ans, 111 cm, 50 kg
Country :
Origins :
Hair Color :
Chestnut, Medium
Eye Color :
Breast Size :
Small (A)

Appearance : Big ass

Accessories : Dildo, Sextoys, Lingerie, Stockings and panty hose, High heels, Uniform

Sexual Preferences : Blowjob, Anal, Doggy style, Double penetration, Anal fisting, Fetish, BDSM, Deep Throat, Facial, Striptease, Dance, Bisexual

Description : I am still on the verge of discovering more exhilarating things about life. I am socially adept; at ease talking to acquaintances & making new contacts of friends. I wasnt born with the gift of gab, but schmoozing is something I have learned through time, from my previous affiliations I guess. I cant be an angel all the time, the reason why I get impish on several occasions. There are simply some instances when I have to honor the rebel in me and put dark desires before duty. U know -- stay out till wee hours on a weeknight at the risk of my flip side --- A person needs a little madness or else, he never dares cut the rope and be free. Why not worry? Coz I have strategies to cover my ass from getting busted.hehe.. I am attuned to others without sending overly available signals. I show a genuine interest in what people say, but I dont let them monopolize my time. Ive got heaps of self-confidence and a good sense of my needs. I find strangers smiling at me maybe coz I give off the vibe that Im comfortable with my own, open to conversations & willing to intertain people as long as i can. I hate aloof people who literally make store mannequins look more approachable.. i love skin arts (tatoo) , it turns me on. i dont want discrimination. :)
Im a gregarious :) . My secret? My interest in others makes me more interesting. I love getting sensual with some1. Mystery sets a mesmerizing power on me, like a spell. I hate monotony, stereotyping and pigeonholing. Allow me to state my disgust for drama queens, egomaniacs, narcissism, cliches & flashy pretensions. but in general, im a good in bed.;) and im pretty SURE of it.. :) wanna know more about maya? dont hesitate to open my room and just start to be a part of my precious company... (Smile)


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