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Mes infos :
36 ans, 146 cm, 50 kg
Mon pays :
Mes origines :
Mes cheveux :
Bruns, Aux épaules
Mes yeux :
Ma poitrine :
Petite (A)

Apparence : Piercing, Gros cul

Accessoires : Gode, Vibro, Sextoys, Lingerie, Bas et collants, Sportwear

Préférences sexuelles : Fellation, Anal, Levrette, Fétish, Hardcore, Gorge profonde, Dilatation anale, Jeux de pieds

Ma description : im unstoppable SEX-MACHINE I can do the craziest things you dreamed about.
Get on board and forget world existing around you,this is going to be another dimension.
Let me be your tour guide on this journey. I'm an optimistic type of person.
What I like about life is that you always get the chance to look at things from different perspectives.
Nobody ever proven that life is a serious thing - thus I would advise You to sit back, relax and enjoy my company in a private room,
I have a strong feeling You won't regret it. I am warm and friendly person.
Helping You in a hard time. I always believed that giving is better than receiving.
I like a nice conversation and more. I am a little bit crazy girl, so you can have a lot of fun with me. I'm a total frolic and a jovial person.
Many people could attest that I'm fun to be with, entertaining, trustworthy, caring, understanding, friendly and a true person.
I love hanging out with friends and chatting with them, doing these things make me feel fulfilled.
I could talk to them without letting them speak, I have lots of stories to tell, basically anything under the sun.
From non-sense topics to exciting ones. I enjoy to talk, exchange thoughts, share problems, crack jokes and sometimes debating.
I could do all these stuff and more from dusk till the break of dawn, I'm a certified chatterbox.
I also love being with my barkadas and friends because I would always see myself laughing out loud whenever I'm with them.
They are my reasons why I must move on and to keep going despite of all the things I've encountered in the past.
They are my priceless treasures.
I thank God for bringing them into my life and made it worth living. I'm such a hopeless romantic, idealistic, submissive,
demonstrative, serious and forgiving type when it comes to loving a person. I got so much love to give because
I want the same in return. But no matter what I do... Stupid, worthless and asshole guys always seem to find me
(I'm a total magnet to these creatures). I'm a good person repellent too! (They are very rare and hard to find).
Can't wait till I find the man of my dreams and will complete my existence.
I'm also fond of meeting new people Its my outlet from problems, stress and pain.
I'm a funny person, seeing my friends happy would put a smile on my face and would bring joy into my life.
I would do almost everything just for them. I have a shallow level of happiness but
I can guarantee that I'm a very deep person.
When situation calls for my seriousness I could be the most serious person you would ever know.
I could give you advices, lend you an ear and extend a helping hand.
I win friends because of these qualities.

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